Lightroom Presets

Season 1

Witness the process!

If you scroll down my Instagram profile, you will see, what I call, Season 1 (Astrid). These are my presets that I’ve developed over a couple of years at the beginning of my journey. At someone’s request, I decided to make these tones available to you so that you can get your feed goals without worrying too much about the specifics.

Astrid Pack contains some moody and ethereal presets both for Lightroom Desktop & Mobile. These presets are the ones that would’ve helped me a lot in the beginning if I had them.

And yes, presets are just the starting point, you will still need to adjust your basic settings.

Faiz Khay

Astrid Pack (Desktop & Mobile)

Season 1

11 custom Adobe Lightroom presets (5 Desktop +6 Mobile) created for various lighting and weather conditions. Each preset is crafted to produce ethereal, magical and moody tonal qualities. Suitable for editing everything from tropical nature vibes to crisp sunset atmospheres.

Check out the before and after in the description below.

Your download link & instructions will be available instantly after your order is confirmed.

Desktop Presets



  • 5 Custom Presets Lightroom Desktop 
  • Bonus Adjustment Layer




  • 5 Custom Presets Lightroom Desktop
  • 5 Custom Presets Lightroom Mobile
  • Bonus Adjustment Layer

Mobile Presets



  • 5 Custom Presets Lightroom Mobile
  • Bonus Adjustment Layer


I usually don't bother with writing reviews, but this is a really solid set of presets! All the ones I've previously had so far were way too overpowering. Highly recommend!

Akash M.

2 days ago

In love with these tones! Thanks Faiz.


3 days ago

Awesome filters! Love the look on my photos


6 days ago

Wanted to give my photos a new look and loved the colours used in these presets. Used for the first time today and am in love! Definitely feel that the cost was worth it. Will be using these presets all the time! Sending love from India!

Abdullah C.

7 days ago

best pack I bought so far🙏🏼... worth the money!!


2 months ago

Working well on basically every picture! Great work. 😊

Yadav K.

2 months ago

Fine art prints on canvas.

I am still working on this but stay tuned. I will gather a collection of my finest photos and print them on high quality canvas and framed prints, ready to hang on your wall straight out of the box.

Coming Soon!